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Take your health into your own hands

Keep track of your athletic performance and measure your body fat percentage, muscle mass and even your body water percentage more accurately than ever.

With Myproscaleâ„¢ you will learn to understand your body in a whole new way.

Measure the crucial parameters

  • weight

  • fat percentage

  • Kenchenems
  • BMI
  • Heavy, shrinking
  • Fat-free mass

  • Visceral Fett

  • basic metabolic rate

  • Usertel
  • body type

  • Protinentel
  • Metabolisches Alter

Refined app tracking

Optimize your holistic health and your quality of life with the help of the data from our app.

With individual diagrams and goals, you can optimally track your progress and achieve your fitness, health and weight goals as quickly as possible.


Sync with the most popular fitness apps

  • Apple Health

  • Google Health

  • Fitbit

Shared motivation

Share your progress with your family or with an unlimited number of friends in the app.

MyProScaleâ„¢ automatically recognizes additional users and offers you an additional guest mode.


Your entire body analysis in just 3 simple steps

  • 1

    Place the scales on a hard, level surface.

  • 2

    Download the app and register with your new scale.

  • 3

    Step on the scale and take the handle in both hands. Voila! Experience the precise measurement accuracy of Myproscaleâ„¢