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MyProScale™ 2 - Ultimate Body Composition Scale -

MyProScale™ 2 - Ultimate Body Composition Scale -

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Experience a comprehensive body analysis with our Bluetooth body weight and fat scale with large display. Using bioelectrical impedance analysis, this scale calculates 15 key body composition measurements including weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass and more. The extra-large LCD display instantly displays 8 key metrics, providing a clear snapshot of your health. With automatic calibration, syncing capabilities with fitness apps, and 24-user storage, it's suitable for individuals and families alike. Track your progress and achieve your health goals with precision and ease.

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Achieve Your Dream Body With MyProScale™

With just one step on the MyProScale™ scale you get a complete body analysis directly on your mobile phone.

Precise. Fast. Uncomplicated.

MyProScale™ gives you a real overview of your body fat, water and muscle percentage as well as 9 other important parameters to optimally track your progress.

Miss The Crucial Parameters

  • Fat-free mass

  • Muscle mass

  • BMI

  • bone mass

  • fat percentage

  • weight

  • Metabolisches Alter

  • Proposal

  • body type

  • Water content

  • basic metabolic rate

  • Visceral fat

What Makes MyProScale™ So Special?

Instead of just letting the electrical signal run over your legs, MyProScale™ uses modern BIA analysis to determine the data of your entire body via your hands and feet.

The result is similar to in clinical measurements, a significantly higher measurement accuracy than with conventional body fat scales.

Clinically tested measurement accuracy

☑️ +-3% as accurate as a medical DEXA scan

☑️ Measurement of all necessary parameters for a complete analysis

☑️ Scientifically proven measurement method - recommended by health clinics and doctors

☑️ Constant measuring accuracy enables targeted tracking of your progress

☑️ Premium quality - robust construction paired with energy-saving supply

Sync with most popular fitness apps

  • Apple Health

  • Google Health

  • Fitbit

Shared motivation

Share your progress with your family or an unlimited number of friends in the app.

MyProScale™ automatically recognizes additional users and offers you an additional guest mode.

Your Entire Body Analysis In Just 3 Easy Steps

  • 1

    Insert batteries and place the scale on a hard and level surface

  • 2

    Download the app and register with your new scale

  • 3

    Step on the scale and take the handle in both hands. And voila! Experience the precise measurement accuracy of Myproscale™

Frequently asked Questions

Is there a guarantee?

Yes of course! We'll give you a 2-year warranty on top of that. If something is wrong with your scale during this time, we will have it replaced or repaired for you free of charge.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

We are convinced that we offer the best scale on the market by far. However, if you are not satisfied (for whatever reason), you can return the scale to us within 90 days and we will give you a full refund. No ifs and buts!

Are the scales really that accurate?

We put a lot of development time and resources into the scale to get the most accurate measurement results possible.

We are proud to say that on average we only get +-3% of the result of a professionally performed DEXA scan differ.

Due to the exceptional accuracy, even medical institutions and doctors now rely on MyProScale™

How about shipping?

Please allow us a processing and shipping time of approx. 3-7 days for orders within Europe. Quality is always our top priority

The average delivery times for orders outside of Europe are usually between 7 - 14 working days.

Oh, and did we mention? We ship free of charge throughout Europe!

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